Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bob Bergen is, as we say, the nice Jewish boy who grew up to be Porky Pig. He's also sometimes the voice of Tweety, Sylvester's Son and other characters introduced by his hero, Mel Blanc, and he does other non-Blanc work, as well. Bob's a fine voiceover talent and when I do convention panels on the nuts and bolts of that biz, he's one of the first people I try to get because he really knows the business well.

You can hear his story and his sage advice tomorrow (Wednesday) on Stu's Show, the must-hear gabfest hosted by Stuart Shostak which "airs" on Shokus Internet Radio. January is Animation Month so each week, Stu will welcome one or more guests to talk about the wonderful world of cartoons. This week is Bob. Next week is Paul Dini. The week after is a special program on how to be a voice actor with Gary Owens, Janet Waldo, Earl Kress and me. And then the week after that is Jerry Beck. I'll be nagging reminding you to tune in.

Okay, now let me explain one more time about Internet Radio. This is not a podcast. You can't download it and listen to it whenever you want. You have to "tune in" when it's on...which in this case is from 4 PM to 6 PM Pacific Time, 7 PM to 9 PM Eastern. Stu's Show is done live on Wednesday and that's the best time to listen because, among other reasons, you can call in and ask questions. You can hear the show on your own computer by going to the website of Shokus Internet Radio at the appointed hour and clicking where you're told to click. (The show reruns on other days, usually in the same time slot. Check out the site for a full schedule...and while you're there, take note of some of the other fine, free programming.)

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