Monday, March 23, 2009


Chello to all of my V-U Fam!!! As we move with the ebb and flow of this "Intellectually Challenged Economy's" ending of the first quarter and the beginning of the second quarter, many of us find ourselves busy being busy--and or--busy working on being [ya know what I mean...follow me now~lol]

Some may have predicted the VO Industry may suffer from recession like some suffer from indigestion, or the more modern term, reflux. Well, I and I'm sure many more Voice-Actors beg to differ because there's a "boom" about, whether its $50, $150, $500 or a few thousand the tide is moving in a constant flow within our wonderful Industry!

An Industry where we talk to ourselves all day in small rooms [or large] for hours at a time, into a small device...reading to no end...invoicing clients...checking pay pal... scrolling through......

Mission Accomplished...>>> HERE

Ladie Mo$t...

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Testing subject

Testing utter to see if it works with twitter... Again

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