Saturday, November 28, 2009

"We're Gonna Need A Bgger Boat!"

A few years ago when I was focusing on expanding my own VO career, a new Voice Actor friend of mine (Jodi Krangle) asked me if I'd be interested in producing a demo for her. She recognized that I had been a producer for years and was not only a Voice Talent...I was also a Voice Seeker who regularly looked for new talent for commercials, imaging, characters, etc. I was used to producing my own demos, and I was used to making other talent sound great in commercials and other projects, but this was a first. I agreed to try it out and she agreed to be my guinea pig.

It was a great experience (it helps when you have a great talent like Jodi to work with)and I really found lot of joy in highlighting the best in someone else. I love it!

Since then, I've had the pleasure of working with many other incredible talents doing a variety of different demos... and I enjoy it so much, it's become another extension of what I do in the Voice Biz. In much so that I realized I needed "a bigger boat" to quote JAWS. Hence, the launch of KILLER VOICE DEMOS; a business that offers professional demos for Voice Actors at an affordable price. It's full service with scripts, coaching, technical advice and full production.

So, when you're ready to have your demo made, check out the site, get a hold of me and we can attack it together!