Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Podcast

I'm very proud to share some ideas on the new episode of Voiceover Experts:

Products, Packaging and Promotion!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

"We're Gonna Need A Bgger Boat!"

A few years ago when I was focusing on expanding my own VO career, a new Voice Actor friend of mine (Jodi Krangle) asked me if I'd be interested in producing a demo for her. She recognized that I had been a producer for years and was not only a Voice Talent...I was also a Voice Seeker who regularly looked for new talent for commercials, imaging, characters, etc. I was used to producing my own demos, and I was used to making other talent sound great in commercials and other projects, but this was a first. I agreed to try it out and she agreed to be my guinea pig.

It was a great experience (it helps when you have a great talent like Jodi to work with)and I really found lot of joy in highlighting the best in someone else. I love it!

Since then, I've had the pleasure of working with many other incredible talents doing a variety of different demos... and I enjoy it so much, it's become another extension of what I do in the Voice Biz. In much so that I realized I needed "a bigger boat" to quote JAWS. Hence, the launch of KILLER VOICE DEMOS; a business that offers professional demos for Voice Actors at an affordable price. It's full service with scripts, coaching, technical advice and full production.

So, when you're ready to have your demo made, check out the site, get a hold of me and we can attack it together!

Monday, October 26, 2009


Now that I've come this far...what's next???

It's been about 3 years or so since I embarked on my journey into the Universe of Voiceover. When it all started I wasn't even sure where I'd end up or how well I'd do. would anyone even want to pay me for my voice to do more than club radiospots? where do I start? did this even make sense? what the hell am I doing really?

Its gotta take more than just a good voice to be a good candidate for this [un-proper job, as Banksey would] type of work. What's my goal in all of this?

So I said to myself...self>>>Good GOD, I've really lost your mind!!! [breathe]

Then a good friend/experienced Voice-Actor told me to subscribe to Voice123 and I thought...Wow, I'm gonna make some $$$ look at all of these auditions they're sending to my inbox! Hope was sooo alive, I was like a kid in a candy store because I just knew I was gonna rake in the doe!!!

Read more here

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Voice Over Experts

I'm very excited to be the featured Voice Actor on Voice Over Experts this week! Take a listen at this link!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Gollum Goes To Hell

I was so excited to hear this news and see the video promo, I wanted to share it with you!

Focus on the Family Radio Theatre, which received a Peabody Award and multiple Audie awards for excellence in broadcasting and production, was granted the rights to dramatize "The Screwtape Letters" (by C.S. Lewis) as a feature length audio drama. Production began in 2008 and a fall 2009 release has been announced. Andy Serkis, known for playing Gollum in The Lord of the Rings film trilogy, will be the voice of Screwtape. It's amazing to watch him voice this role.

Check out the video clip on this link:

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

An Exclusive Interview with Bob Bergen

I'm heading to Portland to take in one of Bob Bergen's workshops this weekend. Really looking forward to it! Here's an interview I did with Bob on the anniversary of the death of Mel Blanc. He shares his early memories of the legend.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Chello to all of my V-U Fam!!! As we move with the ebb and flow of this "Intellectually Challenged Economy's" ending of the first quarter and the beginning of the second quarter, many of us find ourselves busy being busy--and or--busy working on being [ya know what I mean...follow me now~lol]

Some may have predicted the VO Industry may suffer from recession like some suffer from indigestion, or the more modern term, reflux. Well, I and I'm sure many more Voice-Actors beg to differ because there's a "boom" about, whether its $50, $150, $500 or a few thousand the tide is moving in a constant flow within our wonderful Industry!

An Industry where we talk to ourselves all day in small rooms [or large] for hours at a time, into a small device...reading to no end...invoicing clients...checking pay pal... scrolling through......

Mission Accomplished...>>> HERE

Ladie Mo$t...