Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Good times, and great VO friends in NYC

November 15-16, 2008 (NYC)- I had the pleasure of studying with the great, Marice Tobias in NYC. Though Marice is a New Yorker who lives in LA, she is known world wide, and her presence... for me... was that of a modern day goddess. After the weekend w/Marice, it leaves you with a whole new outlook on the art. My class mates included; Bob Souer, Melissa X, Anthony Mendez, Mary McKitrick, Big Michael Kaufman, Mike Goral, Marian Massaro, Dan Taylor, John Beach, John Rivers and Barry Zate.

The Weekend closed with us hangin' out for eats on 21st w/ Bob Souer, Melissa X, Erik Sheppard, and Diane Havens & her husband, John.


Marian said...

It was great being in the workshop with you and everyone!!! Terrific weekend!!

And -- Your secret of using the headphones in the booth - is safe with me!!! Don't worry!!!!!!!


Ladie Mo$t said...

Thanks for sharing...Can't wait to be immersed in the Tobais experience.

Bob Souer said...


What a great delight it was spending the weekend with you and so many other talented people. And Marice of course.

Be well,

Joey said...

Rick, thanks for the fun pics.
I have had the pleasure myself of working with Bob Souer, John Rivers and Barry Zate at a Marice workshop. Those workshops I attended seriously changed my VO world for the better. I'm glad yours was a positive experience too. I would have loved to work with you, Beach, AMendez and the lot.

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