Saturday, November 1, 2008


   More than half-way there.  I doubt if I'll live to I'm more than half-way there.

We Americans love to get caught up in our "busyness".  When I'm in the zone of work -- both in my TV job and my voice acting...I can ALWAYS find something to do.  Always.  My list is a mile long.

But what's really important?  Will I leave any kind of legacy?  Do I want to leave a legacy?  Does it matter?

I never met my paternal grandfather.  He was a Swiss poster artist in Geneva circa 1910-1935.  He died of heart failure at 52.  What he left us grandchildren, though, was a rich cache of his artwork.  Sketches, oils, posters, and stained-glass.  I'm grateful he chose to leave a legacy.  It's all I have of him.

So, again, what's my legacy?  My writing?  My voice-files?  Maybe it's worth it to someone.  Will it last? A couple of generations, but...doubtful for much longer.  How many billions of human beings have lived and died and left a lasting legacy?  Maybe .01%.  Newton, da Vinci, Geghis Kahn, Lincoln.

Thanks for reading this far.  I'm rambling a bit. 

My point:  Since it's doubtful I will leave a lasting legacy, I prefer to exist in a living legacy of service.  This is good for me, good for my family and friends, and good for my clients.  My constant stance is/should be:  "What can I do for you?".

There are other words for this:  mentoring, volunteering, ministering, mission... being "of service" takes the focus off YOU and your worries, and puts energy into putting something or someone else first.... and it's its own reward.  Fulfilling.

Try it.


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