Friday, November 28, 2008

"But wait!" this may be the answer to your studio

"On the loooove boat" were the four words that caught my attention from 80's network voice, Ernie Anderson. Ernie would sit with his shotgun mic right next to the sound guy... by the console voicing promos.

Since then, we've come a long ways, and have graduated to the quite recording booths, but some of us are still what's called, "ballers on a budget, or the simple acronym B.O.B. just may suit us. "But wait," this is sure to get your attention...

I was watching CNN news (Mumbai's sad news) and a commercial came on, "Twin Draft Guard can save your electricity bill," that alone had me all ears. As I continued to watch I thought about my huge FPL bill (Florida Power & Light), and studio (closet), and the Twin Draft Guard's promise to keep air out the room.

I thought, "well, the quiet recording booth is out of my budget, soooo maybe, just maybe for $19.99 the Twin Draft Guard can at least control a little noise." Then I heard, "But wait... You can have the TDG Door hooks as an added bonus," I had to laugh at that point about the "but wait" hook... It never fails.

Though this will NOT be an answer to a quiet recording booth, it most certainly will be better than the untimely sound of nature in the background. For $19.99 I will try it an let you know if it works, but you can check it out for yourselves at

"But wait," if that doesn't work, Voiceover Universe member, S. Michael Leier uses some cool pipe foam thingy from home depot.

Good luck, B.O.B's!


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