Friday, November 21, 2008

"Hello, ZUREK"

It's been said, "If a man at 20 yrs old see's life the same as he did 20 years ago, he has wasted 20 years of his life." Things change, people change, and time changes by the second. 20 years ago I received a pay check to rock the mic in radio, 20 years later, I have no desire to even visit a radio station.

On the weekend of November 14, 2008, I spent my weekend training with Marice Tobias for promo/trailer, and it was nothing like I expected... in fact... it was a life changing experience. During that weekend I discovered, to tell a story.... you must first become part of it. There have been times when ZUREK has been dead on, and other times when
"Rick Party" just didn't get it. When you live your life in character, sometimes you lose who you really are.

I almost lost someone...

My car radio stopped working a year ago, and I never bothered to fix it. The sound of nature pressing against my windshield has been music to my ears, and it has never sounded as good as it does today. For the past year, I've noticed many things when I drive... things that have always been there, but you just don't notice when the true sound of music is not playing. While listening to this beautiful music I have also slowly re-discovered
ZUREK, and as the spotlight has dimmed on "Rick Party," it was now time for the rightful owner to rock his own mic (crowd silent), and to make it official, a dear friend agreed and Marice Tobias said, "I love it! So much more distinctive and mysterious, which is sooo you. And, it's an iconic name for the future."

So without further ado, I introduce you to me.... ZUREK (my real name), and Rick Party has officially left the building (crowd cheers and follows him OUT the door.)


Ladie Mo$t said...

Hello, Zurek...How are you this fine moment in time? To evolve or not to evolve, that is the question of life! How wonderful it is that Zurek has come to take his true place! Eloquently expressed, Zurek!!!

Ladie Mo$t...

ant said...

Yesssss! Love it, man!!! Looking forward to your flight.


Johntaylorzone said...

At the Oscars David Letterman once introduced two stars in the audience to each other by merely saying their unusual names.


In 2008 there was another guy with an unusual name on his birth certificate who made a name for himself. Let me introduce him to you:


John Taylor, bland as it may sound IS my real name......SO
Since Rick Party is no you you mind if I take it for a spin around the block? On second thought, maybe not. I'll keep it.
Like the song says.....

"When green is all there is to be
It could make you wonder why, but why wonder why
Wonder, I am green and it'll do fine, it's beautiful
And I think it's what I want to be"

Nice to know you Zurek.

david said...


Balcony Gal said...

Zurek, it's nice to meet you. Welcome to the crazy world of voiceover. I have a feeling you'll be taking over in no time!

Norman Lee said...

Zurek! There you are! I've been looking for you for years. LOL. Seriously, this is very much a new beginning and I'm glad to have a front row seat.

Norman Lee

John said...
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John said...

Can we call you “Zurek, the artist formally known as Rick Party” until we make it though the transition?

Thanks for the great site!!!

John Weeks

MCM Voices said...

I had no idea this was happening - well, actually, I saw something of the transition last weekend with Marice, but I didn't know there were names involved! It was great to meet you. Looking forward to next time....

Mary McK.

CourVO said...


LOVE to know where you got your new name. So many people ask me if Courvoisier is a name I made up. I always have to say, if I were going to make up a name, it would be one that's easier to spell.
I was never sure if "Rick Party" was a real name. (seems unikely), now I'm wondering if "Zurek" is your real name....and if not, what-the-heck IS the name on your birth certificate (not that you have to say -- rhetorical question).
Regardless, I love the way you wrote your explanation... very thoughtful. I never listen to music when I drive. It's the only time during the day, when I can have my thoughts to myself without sensory overload.

Dave Courvoisier (aka CourVO)

Jai said...

OMG, Zurek is sooooo cute! Much cuter than that Party dude... Jai

Anonymous said...

I love it. I'll miss calling you RICK!!! a secret nickname I can still lovingly refer to you as "REK" from time to time.

Good stuff Zurek.

jay said...

I used the name "Johnny Edwards" which was the use of my first and middle names as a stage name for radio many moons ago. Now as a VO talent I simply use my real name. I was thinking about using Harry Cojones for my VO name only to be laughed at and with from our Spanish speaking folk!

Goodbye to the Rick I remember from the A-T-L and WELCOME Zurek. If you want to really "stand out" spell it with two "k"'s Zurekk! Joking!

All the best!

--Jay Sawyer

Just call me trash said...

This seemed fitting to introduce The Legend of Zurek

Bob Souer said...


I'm so glad to have had the chance to spend time with you both in New York and earlier this year in LA. Carry on!

Be well,

Melissa Ex said...


I love it! And after working with you the other weekend I can definitely say the name.... just fits. Rick may have walked in the room but Zurek strode out.

Til next time Zurek,

Melissa Ex

Speech Doc said...

How wonderful for you to come to this realization Zurek and after making such an accomplishment!

Jamee T. Perkins said...

Wow! Zurek. Sometimes we have to move forward in life to see where we have been. Congratulations, Zurek.

It's a brave thing you've done, leaving such a big part of your life behind.

Miss Jamee

Its Jeff Perry said...

Pleasure to meet you Zurek.. PEACE! :)eff

Sonnie said...

If the Voice Over Universe founder found his own voice, well then, any of us can!!
Nice to meet you Zurek. From one 'unusually named' human to another -- glad you're getting back into your own skin!

It's also great to hear you don't listen to the radio in your car. I've been doing the same thing ever since some skateboarder broke the antennae off my car in 2004. I bought a new antennae right away, but never installed it. I like the "sound" of what I "see" around me.
Thanks again for starting this awesome website, it means a lot to me.

Heather said...

Congratulations Zurek! What a wonderful vision, thank you for sharing that with us. It's a pleasure to meet you :)