Saturday, November 1, 2008

Time to Cowell yourself

by: Philip Banks

I've never watched an entire edition of TV Idol, Idle Idol, America's got Talent? X Factor, SPF factor 50 or any other programme involving Simon Cowell but if you read or hear the opinions of people who have been subjected to his "feedback", he is rude, arrogant, mean, nasty, too honest!

"Hi Simon I'm the singing star of the future" Ignore the publicity hype and the trying to make good TV then listen, listen carefully.

"Well Philip, you're NOT and here's the reason why ........."

OH NO! Simon was rude, arrogant, mean and nasty wasn't he? You heard him didn't you? The git! No he wasn't. I presented myself to him as a money making proposition and he told me clearly why that was not the case. If there was a chance I could make it he'd throw his money and the power of his media empire behind launching my career.

Today, find a quiet corner and close your eyes. You're sat in front of Simon Cowell or someone in the voice over world who will tell you clearly and honestly where you are likely to be headed. Tell him you're plans and listen to what he says about them. Your expert knows the Voice Over world inside out, he's going to be signing you to his management company to get 20% of your income, are you worth it? Tell him about the seminars, coaching programmes you've attended and see if he cares. Tell him about the books you've read and the genuine 1973 compressor with the 1964 tubes and see if he just blinks, shakes his head and says "so what?"

Last chance. You're stood in front of him in a rehearsal room. There's you, 10 feet of space between you and Simon. No music bed, compression, demo producer, opportunity to edit, accoustic treatment and Simon smiles at you, looks you straight in the eyes and says, softly and kindly.

"Ok. Let me hear you"


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